CET is pleased to announce the addition of a new water-foam silicone pressure roller production line and dual layer cleaning blade workshop to its manufacturing operations. These new capabilities provide technologies and quality improvements that will help extend the life of CET’s fuser assemblies, drum units, and rebuild kits.

As we “Invest More to Bring You More”, CET USA will continue to look for opportunities to improve efficiencies and products while lowering your costs and enhancing our relationship with you. We are committed to adding more new and unique products in an effort to further improve your profitability as we strive to better serve you in the days ahead.

From everyone at CET USA, we thank you for your continued trust and business, and we look forward to working more closely with you as we go forward together.

 We are working hard to support you with new products and programs!

Check out our YouTube channel with several instructional videos on how to rebuild drum, fuser and developer units with CET products--all ways to improve your profits.  See our Refurbishing FAQ and Video for more info.

Also look at our electronic catalogs for copier consumables and printer products.  There are great product images and printer diagrams, to help you find what you are looking for!

IBPI members looking for a bigger rebate? You are automatically enrolled in our IBPI growth rebate program offered only by CET.

Our PO Processor program has expanded to earn credits at a lower spend. Ask your sales representative for details.

You can expect to see additional promotions and special product discounts from CET as we go forward and move beyond this challenging situation.

CET remains strongly committed to supporting your business.


CET Group USA Team

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